Hand Held Infrared Heating Unit

Hand Held Infrared Heating Unit

Infralight portable infrared heating system

HH-1500 Portable Infrared Heating Unit


Infralight manufactures custom designed hand held infrared heating systems for many industrial processes and domestic applications. The HH-1500 is especially suited to trade professionals including welding, painting, signwriting, electrical, plumbing and more. The  high powered quartz twin tube infrared element, with the patented gold relfector,  irradiates  intense heat onto a small concentrated area. The HH-1500 infrared heating module is made from polished aluminium and light gauge stainless steel to make it light and  portable, easy to handle for long periods of use. Fitted with a  cooling fan and over-temperature sensor, the HH-1500 can be used safely for  extended operating time.  Requiring only a  10amp single phase supply (240VAC) , this infrared heating unit is ideal for many applications including 

  • Spot repairs in the auto paint industry
  • Heat shrinking of plastics
  • Heat testing of materials
  • Stress testing
  • Rapid paint drying in domestic and industrial applications
  • Preheating components prior to powdercoating
  • Preheating metal surfaces prior to welding
  • Preheating materials prior to processing, cutting, welding, forging
  • Print and ink drying

The Infralight HH-1500 infrared heating system is portable, mobile and flexible. Only 400mm in length, it can be easily  installed on a mobile stand for processes that require longer heating times and irradiating a much larger heated area. The intensity of the infrared heat is simply adjusted  by increasing the disance from the heater to the product. A dimmer can be connected which allows output of the infrared lamp to be adjusted from 10-100%.


  • Dimensions: 400x120x100mm
  • Material: Aluminium/stainless steel (AS304)
  • Power up to 1500W at 240VAC
  • Lamp type: High Powered Twin tube short wave emityter with gold reflector
  • Voltage 240VAC
  • Internal over temperature sensor
  • Cooling fan

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