Medium Wave Infrared Lamps

Medium Wave Infrared Lamps

Medium wave infrared emitters are used in a wide range of industrial processes and offer a truly efficient and economical mode of heating. Infralight's twin tube design, using high purity quartz gives the user the best in  infrared heating technology: Fast, targeted heating, where the wavelength of the emitter is matched to the material being heated. Medium wave emitters are robust in design and will withstand a fair  amount of thermal and mechanical shock. Quartz tube is the most common type of material used for infrared lamps and emitters. An alloy sprial element is housed inside a linear quartz tube, which is open to the air. Most medium wave emitters operate  between 800 and 1200C filament temperature. The peak wavelength is around 2 microns, and as quartz transmits infrared radiation up to 4 microns, the quartz envelope is around 300C cooler than the filament. This means that convective losses from the quartz outer surface are minimal, while the secondary radiation from this source at a temperature of 650C contributes to the total output of the emitter. 

Twin Tube Design

Approximately 70% of the input power is converted into radiant heat, the emissivity of the unit being that of the wire spiral, aroung 0.8 when in use. Twin tube elements are constructed in a figure 8, which results in high strength design, extra rigidity over long lengths up to 3m. The twin tube design offers a number of advantages including rigidity, robust, but also the ability to manufacture many different configurations. Terminbating leads at one end is a clear advantage over other types of heating elements, as all leads are terminated at one end, making installation, simple and inexpensive. No requirement to run extra cables. 


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