Portable Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Portable Ultraviolet Curing Systems

Portable Ultraviolet Curing System from Infralight

UV Curing & Coatings

Infralight manufactures a wide range of UV dryers and ultraviuolet curing systems. Effectively reduce your costs and increase production with ultraviolet curing systems from Infralight, curing UV adhesives and UV coatings in seconds. UV curing flood lamps, spot curing lamps and UV conveyors can be integrated into existing manufacturing assembly lines or used as stand-alone, bench-top curing systems. Infralight UV curing lamps provide clean, worker-friendly cures and are ideal for industrial UV bonding, coating, encapsulating, potting and sealing applications. UV curing systems are used world-wide throughout the automotive, electronics, industrial, medical and optical industries.

  • Cures in seconds
  • Cures only when exposed to UV light
  • One part coatings
  • Good gap cure
  • Long shelf life
  • Ease of use
  • Room temperature storage

UV-Cure 60PH Portable UV Curing

Infralight's UV Cure 60PH is a  UV curing system designed for very high output with portability. The UV Cure 60PH comes installed with a high output 600W metal halide or standard mercury lamp depending on the application.

  • High intensity ultra violet radiation extending to a broad area with constant distribution
  • Uniform ultraviolet  intensity with a advanced parabolic reflector
  • Compact, light and portable
  • Forced air cooling
  • Lamp hour timer
  • Advanced technology at an affordable price
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UV Curing System from Infralight  ultraviolet lamp from Infralight Ultraviolet drying bulbs from Infralight uv drying and curing lamps from Infralight

Infralight's UV Cure 60PH is specifically designed for users who need to conduct small scale ultraviolet light research on materials for curing, weather testing and uv drying.   The 600W uv lamp delivers a high output with focused irradiance of broad spectrum ultraviolet light.
The UVCure 60PH is fitted with either a standard mercury discharge lamp or a metal halide lamp. 

Applications of Ultraviolet  Curing 

  • Curing and drying of UV coatings and inks
  • Curing UV adhesives
  • Glass cabinet manufacture
  • Various industrial resins
  • Spot Floor lacquer touch ups
  • Spot curing repairs of paint
  • Ultraviolet light materials testing
  • Solar simulation testing

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