Power Controllers

Power Controllers

Infralight offers a full range of SCR digital power controllers with phase angle and burst firing (zero-cross) to suit many industrial applications: Industrial heating, furnaces, kilns, variable resistive loads, transformer coupled loads, fast response loads, high in-rush current, short wave infrared, standard resistive loads, silicon carbide elements. Infralight Technology's solid state SCR power controllers complement the rapid switching required by PID controllers giving optimum performance and equipment lifetime. Available in single phase and 3-phase, Infralight Technology's digital scr power controllers are able to efficiently control all industrial heating applications.

Thyristor power controllers precisely regulate output power/voltage or current to resistive heating loads such as industrial furnaces and ovens. They can be interfaced with computers and software that can monitor and/or control power throughput.

Power controller

Next Generation of Digital Power Regulators

Phase Angle Switching:

Controller allows partial waveform through during every half-wave cycle.

Zero Cross Switching

Controller allows proportion of complete half-waves through to regulate power.


Important operating specifications for SCR power controllers include the phase, operating voltage, and maximum current. Phase choices for SCR power controllers include single phase, three phase 2-leg, and three phase 3-leg. Operating voltages for SCR power controllers include <100 VAC, 100-199 VAC, 200-299 VAC, 300-399 VAC, 400-499 VAC, and > 500 VAC. The maximum current is the maximum rated current of the SCR power controller. Contact Russell Read at Infralight for more information.

PE1100 Phase Angle & Burst Firing SCR Digital Power Controller

The PE1100 POWER CONTROLLER is manufactured to international standards and is CE certified. The PE1100 provides precise control of direct and transformer coupled heaters, heating elements with variable temperature coefficients and resistance (e.g. platinum, tungsten, molybdenumdisilicide and silicon carbide), short-wave infrared lamps.

Download Product Specification and User's Manual PDF. Click here

Three phase power controllers

Rated Current Phase-Angle Control Zero-Crossing Control
Input 220V Input 380V Input 440V Input 220V Input 380V Input 440V
25A TPP2-025 TPP3-025 TPP4-025 TZP2-025 TZP3-025 TZP4-025
40A TPP2-040 TPP3-040 TPP4-040 TZP2-040 TZP3-040 TZP4-040
55A TPP2-055 TPP3-055 TPP4-055 TZP2-055 TZP3-055 TZP4-055
70A TPP2-070 TPP3-070 TPP4-070 TZP2-070 TZP3-070 TZP4-070
90A TPP2-090 TPP3-090 TPP4-090 TZP2-090 TZP3-090 TZP4-090
110A TPP2-110 TPP3-110 TPP4-110 TZP2-110 TZP3-110 TZP4-110
130A TPP2-130 TPP3-130 TPP4-130 TZP2-130 TZP3-130 TZP4-130
160A TPP2-160 TPP3-160 TPP4-160 TZP2-160 TZP3-160 TZP4-160
200A TPP2-200 TPP3-200 TPP4-200 TZP2-200 TZP3-200 TZP4-200
250A TPP2-250 TPP3-250 TPP4-250 TZP2-250 TZP3-250 TZP4-250
320A TPP2-320 TPP3-320 TPP4-320 TZP2-320 TZP3-320 TZP4-320
400A TPP2-400 TPP3-400 TPP4-400 TZP2-400 TZP3-400 TZP4-400
500A TPP2-500 TPP3-500 TPP4-500 TZP2-500 TZP3-500 TZP4-500

Power Controllers are perfect for infrared heating systems

  • Single or thre phase
  • Phase angle or Burst Firing
  • Multi Voltage range
  • Communications Port Optional
  • Soft Start Standard
  • Remote Span Function Standard
  • Control Feedback Modes, Current, Voltage or Power
  • Current Limiting
  • Voltage Limiting
  • Partial Load Failure Warning Option
  • Input Signal, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V
  • Digital Display
  • Over Current Display
  • Over Temperature Alarm
  • Unbalanced Load Alarm
  • Reset After Warning Function
  • Resistive Load Function
  • Transformer Coupled Load Function
  • Ambient or Forced Air Convective Cooling
  • Logic Input Activation Standard
  • Alarm Output Standard
  • Remote Setpoint with Manual Over-Ride Standard
  • CE Certified
  • Custom Design Available
Power Controller SCR Thyristor

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