Swimming Pools-

Swimming Pools-

UV Disinfection for Swimming Pools

Ultraviolet disinfection is the most accepted form of chemical free treatment method and is used extensivley worldwide. Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of  254nm effects all known pathogens. The water is left unchanged in terms of taste, smell, feel and composition. Infralight's Aqua-Pro series of high output uv disinfection systems is part of the wide range of uv systems offered, specific to swimming pool treatment is the removal of Chloramine which is  found in chlorinated swimming pools and particularly indoor pools where natural sunlight is diminished. Infralight's Aqua Pro series use high pressure discharge lamps, which emit a broad spectrum uv light, 

Design and Operation

UV systems consist of a chmaber and a seperate power supply, which houses and controls the elctrical components includeing electronic ballasts, uv light monitor, wiper relays, 

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