UV Spot Curing Systems

UV Spot Curing Systems

UV  Curing

  • Optimised for high irradiance in a concentrated area
  • Advanced light guide for efficient UV delivery
  • Microporcessor control
  • PLC interface
  • Compact design
  • Integrated runtime meter
  • Pedal operated shutter
  • Manual/automatic or pulse mode operation
  • LCD display
  • Simple UV lamp replacement
  • Ecomomic price


  • IC and PCB bonding
  • Glass cabinets and framing
  • Electronics
  • Optic fibres, metals, plastics
  • Spot repair of surfaces
  • Curing UV adhesives


Power Requirements

220VAC, 50/60Hz


Input Power 100W 200W  
UV Lamp Mercury Short Arc Lamp  
Lamp Power 80W 100W  
Lamp Life 2,000HR 2,000HR  
UV Intersity Approx.2,000mW/㎠ Approx.5,000mW/㎠ @365mm[peak]
Total UV
Output Energy
Approx.3,000mW/㎠ Approx.7,000mW/㎠ 250~450mm
Intensity Adjustment Not available Manual, 0~100%  
Power Supply Electronic Ballast  
Control Method Microprocessor Control  
Warm up time 2Minutes  
Operation Mode   Auto Mode : Shutter control by programmed time
  Manual Mode : Manual Shutter control 
  Pulse Mode : Periodic shutter control by programmed time interval
Mode Adjustment   Auto Mode -> Manual Mode -> Pluse Mode -> Operating Time -> Turn On  Time, Timer Set Mode  
Foot Pedal Shutter Open
/ Close
Light Guides Liquid Light Guide Type  
1(Branch)×5mm(φ)×1,000mm(L) Standard
2(Branch)×5mm(φ)×1,000mm(L) Option
In addition to above specifications, others are available
Safety Automatic power-off feature when cover opened or overheated during operation  
Dimensions 250(W)×275(D)×180(H)mm 210(W)×300(D)×300(H)mm  
Weight 6.0kgs 8.4kgs  


Liquid Light Guides

uv spot curing

MODEL Branch No Specifications
LS13-1000 1 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS13-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS13-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS15-1000 5mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS15-1500 5mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS15-2000 5mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS18-1000 8mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS18-1500 8mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS18-2000 8mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS23-1000 2 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS23-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS23-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS33-1000 3 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS33-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS33-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS43-1000 4 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS43-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS43-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide


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