What are Germicidal Lamps?

Ultraviolet lamps or commonly know as germicidal, are low pressure mercury vapour lamps which produce ultraviolet light that is lethal to microorganisms. Ultraviolet light is generated by an electrical discharge through low pressure inert gases and mercury vapour within the special quartz tube of the lamp. Approximately 95% of the UV rays from the lamp are at the wavelength of 254nm, which is the region of maximum bactericidal effectiveness.

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UV Lamp GPH843T5L

Ozone or Non Ozone

Infralight Pty Ltd's germicidal lamps are available in "L" Quartz (non-ozone) and "VH" Quartz (very high ozone). A high level of irradiance and reliability is required for the disinfection and sterilisation of water and surfaces. Infralight supplies uv disinfection lamps and quartz sleeves made from the highest grade of fused and synthetic quartz for maxium uv output. Hot cathode lamps have triple-coiled filaments as cathodes that are heated by the arc current. Infralight utilises a filament construction with a nickel inner lead in a clamped filament design similar in construction to a standard fluorescent lamp. Slimline or instant start uv lamps utilise high voltage for starting and are especially suited to applications such as water purification. Preheat lamps use a glow switch starter to preheat the filament prior to starting and generally use standard fluorescent ballast which provide the advantages of space and economy.

Wedeco SLR32143 UV lamp

Custom UVC Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps

Infralight Technology offers the capability of supplying a wide variety of ultraviolet lamps designed to your specifications and application. A wide range of glass types, glass diameter, cathodes, bases, shapes and lengths can be utiliSed to produce a lamp to meet your unique requirements. Engineering capability and manufacturing capacity allow Infralight to significantly reduce the lead-time from concept to production. Infralight welcomes the opportunity to provide engineering support in response to your specific application.

UV Lamp Lifetime

Typical lifetimes of a fused quartz ultraviolet UV lamp are in excess of 9000 hours and up to 16000 hours for long life amalgam and high output ultraviolet UV lamps

quartz sleeve and quartz tube


UV germicidal lamps have many applications in water and surface disinfection. Applications include:

  • Domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Municipal sewage and wastewater treatment
  • Aquaculture, fish farming, oyster farming water treatment, disinfection and purification
  • Disinfection and sterilisation of potable drinking water
  • Disinfection and sterilisation of industrial process water
  • Curing of glues and adhesives
  • Curing of inks on continuous web, screen printing, lithographic and large format printing processes
  • Air purification in ducting of factories, food-processing plants, nursing homes, and hospitals
  • Ozone generation
  • Surface disinfection, food conveyor sterilisation
UV sterization system

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