What is UV Curing?

What is UV Curing? 

Ultraviolet light is used as s  photochemical process in which ultraviolet light is used to instantly dry inks, coatings and uv adhesives.  UV drying offers many advantages over traditional methods, UV curing has increases production, reduces reject rates, improve scratch and solvent resistance, and superior bonding.  

Who Uses UV Curing?

Introduced in the 1900's, UV curing and UV driying has been widely adopted in many industries including automotive, telecommunications, electronics, graphic arts, converting and metal, glass and plastic decorating. UV curing is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry, and now constitutes approximately 4% of the industrial coatings market. UV curing has grown more than 10% per year, displacing conventional water and solvent-based thermal drying processes due to its increased productivity, improvement of product quality and performance, and environmentally friendly characteristics. 

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